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We want to share our love for the marine environment with everyone. Hear a little bit about our story.

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We have always found peace being by the water, rod in hand, casting in and out.  Couple that with our passion for the marine environment of Corio Bay and you have us.

 We are Corio Bay Boat Hire, established in 2020 and intent on sharing this special and spectacular part of the world with families, friends and fisherpeople.  We want to make exploring Corio Bay easy, accessible and affordable so you can connect, immerse yourself in the marine environment and be better people for the experience that we know and love so much.

OUR story

Coming for a strong and steady background of marine adventures (childhood, work endeavours and passion pursuits), Corio Bay Boat Hire always found escape by being out on the water. 

From fishing, swimming, boating and everything in between, solace and calmness has come from all activities pursued out on the water, especially on the waters of Corio Bay.  Holding a special space in Corio Bay Boat Hire’s heart, the bay was their childhood playground and is now their adult one too.

OUR why

Intent of affording people the same opportunity they have had, Corio Bay Boat Hire want to connect you to the incredible benefits and experiences of water. 

Recognising the restrictions inhibiting this, Corio Bay Boat Hire set about making it easily accessible and affordable for all people to access the magnificent Corio Bay.  They want you to captain your own endeavours and reap the rewards.

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Safe and easy to drive, our Formosa will allow you to discover the  wonderful waters of Corio Bay. Whether you would like to do a spot of fishing, a family day out on the water, or just a spot of sightseeing – Corio Bay Boat Hire Geelong is just for you. Recreational boating license required. 



Explore Geelong’s Corio Bay by boat and see a different side of our beautiful region. 



Morning session (7:30am - 12:30pm)     $400
Afternoon session (1:00pm - 6:00pm)     $400
Full Day session $650

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